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Be an Iconic Digital Nomad

Crete is one of the most accessible islands, with three airports!

Work from Sunny Crete as a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker!

If you are working remotely and are looking for a change of pace, there’s never been a more exciting time. Visit Crete, work remotely and experience what it’s like to live and work in an exciting environment.

Need a change of scenery and to rebalance your life? The Country of Greece wants you to come and work remotely. Live in paradise and increase your productivity alongside with your wellness.

Greece is in the process of introducing a Digital Nomad Visa, which will allow internationals who are engaged in jobs independent of location and time, to work in Greece & take advantage of a 50 per cent tax break for the first seven years .

Greece is a member of the European Union so any EU citizen is allowed to live and work freely in Greece.

If you can work from anywhere, Work from Crete.

Citizens who can work from anywhere in the world are often professionals specialised in technology, but the pandemic has seen companies of all sectors start offering remote opportunities.

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